The deputies from Moldova and the Romanian Senate – in a joint meeting! See the agenda

The members of the Legal Commission, Appointments and Immunities of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova will convene in a joint meeting with the members of the Legal Commission, Appointments, Discipline, Immunities, and Validations of the Senate of Romania. The event will take place between January 19-22, in Argeș County, the representatives of the Parliament announced.

The joint meeting is organized as a response to the meetings the committee members had in Chisinau and Iași, in continuation of the parliamentary political dialogue initiated in 2022.

“Professionals from the legal environment will also participate in the discussions. During the event, topics related to the reforms in the field of justice will be addressed: the legislative implementation of the recommendations of European bodies and the identification of some instruments regarding the training of magistrates”, it is stated in the press release.


Also, the participants will discuss the prospects of transforming justice into a public and predictable service for the business environment. The agenda of the meeting also includes topics regarding legal education in schools and the compatibility of legal professions in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, the members of the legal commissions of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the Senate of Romania will agree on the creation of working groups and joint initiatives in the legal field.

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