Finland is ready to cooperate with Moldova in terms of energy

The Helsinki administration is ready to cooperate with Moldova in the field of energy supply. The subject was discussed by Natalia Gavrilița with the Finnish Minister of European Affairs, Tytti Tuppuraine, and with the State Secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daniela Gîtman.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova talked to the two about justice reform, deoligarchization, and the European integration process. In this context, Tytti Tuppurainen expressed his confidence that, in a short time, the Republic of Moldova could start the accession negotiations to the community bloc.

“I want to assure you of all our support. We are ready to deepen cooperation with the Republic of Moldova also in the field of energy supply. We encourage you to continue working on the implementation of the projects you have started, especially those aimed at strengthening institutions. We want to have EU members with strong institutions that share the same European values,” said the Finnish minister.


The Secretary of State for European Affairs within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Daniela Gîtman, appreciated the decision of the Chisinau Government to identify solutions to overcome the crises and urged the authorities to count on the support of Bucharest and the European community.

“I know you have a busy agenda for this year, including hosting, on June 1, the second meeting of the European Political Community. We are here to see how we can support you in the pre-accession process and provide you with all the necessary support”.

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