Moldovan products could reach British shelves more easily

The authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Great Britain express their interest in the liberalization of the export of agricultural products. The statements were made after the meeting between Nicu Popescu and Leo Docherty.

“We are interested in deepening our commercial partnership, especially the export from the Republic of Moldova to Great Britain. I want to reassure the citizens who work in the agricultural sector that we are looking for new markets for our apples, our plums, our grapes, our juices, and we have discussed this with the British partners,” said Popescu.


In addition to the issue of trade, the Foreign Minister from Chisinau and the Minister for Europe of the United Kingdom discussed regional security issues, military partnerships, roaming liberalization and document conversion.

“We agreed that we will do more to promote stronger trade links between our countries, taking advantage of the agreement signed in 2020,” Docherty said.

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