Moldovan products, exported to the EU without customs duties!

“Apples, plums, grapes and other Moldovan agricultural products will soon reach European markets without customs duties. The European Commission has proposed today a regulation to temporarily improve market access for agricultural products in the Republic of Moldova.

The proposed measures target seven products for which Moldovan exports to the EU are not yet fully liberalized: plums, table grapes, apples, tomatoes, garlic, cherries and grape juice. The regulation doubles, for a period of one year, the quantity of these products that can be imported without customs duties from Moldova into the EU.

Following the implementation of these measures, almost all Moldovan products will enter the EU free of customs duties, within the EU-Moldova Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

The Government of the Republic of Moldova will continue to make every effort to support Moldovan farmers and entrepreneurs in overcoming the crises and market losses they have suffered as a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine”, writes Prime-Minister Natalia Gavrilița on her Facebook page.

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