Moldovans under international sanctions may remain without citizenship

Moldovans subject to international sanctions may remain without citizenship. The draft amendment to the law, which contains the new regulations, was approved in second reading by deputies.

A new paragraph supplements the law on the application of international measures. According to it, the Intelligence and Security Service will examine whether it is necessary to apply the measure and, if necessary, refer the matter to the Public Services Agency for the procedure for withdrawing citizenship initiation.

An amendment to the new regulations also stipulates that Chisinau International Airport cannot become private property. The airport is now on the list of non-privatizable assets. The runways, taxiways, aprons for boarding and disembarking, aircraft parking, and other airport infrastructure, and the land they occupy will be part of state property.


According to the approved regulations, the State Tax Service and the Public Services Agency will be able to receive information from the Intelligence and Security Service about changes to the list of internationally sanctioned persons. Security officers, with support from the Money Laundering Prevention and Control Service, will compile this list.

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