Moldova’s Foreign Minister Popescu Expresses Solidarity with Israel Amidst Ongoing Tensions

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, Nicu Popescu, has issued a statement expressing solidarity with Israel during the current challenging period in the Middle East. The statement comes amidst heightened tensions in the region, where peace and security are once again put to the test.

Minister Nicu Popescu conveyed a message of support and solidarity to his Israeli counterpart, Eli Cohen, in response to the ongoing situation. Moldovan nationals residing in Israel have been encouraged to register on an online platform to facilitate communication and assistance efforts.

“We are witnessing a tense moment in the Middle East, a period where peace and security are once again being challenged. We stand with Israel and its citizens during this difficult time and acknowledge their right to self-defense,” stated Minister Popescu on his Facebook page.

He further emphasized that the Moldovan Embassy in Israel is on high alert and is working around the clock to provide assistance and support during these critical times. Currently, only essential consular services, such as travel document issuance, are being offered.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration advises Moldovan citizens in Israel to closely follow and strictly adhere to the security directives issued by Israeli authorities. In case of emergencies or urgent needs, they are urged to contact the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the State of Israel, which can also be reached via WhatsApp at +972527789772 and +972527998396.

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