Château Vartely Awarded Top Honors as Winery of the Year on National Wine Day

On National Wine Day, Château Vartely was honored with the highest distinction, the Grand Prize, establishing itself as the best winery of the year for outstanding achievements in crafting high-quality wines, preserving traditions, maintaining excellent quality of local wines, and promoting the image of the Republic of Moldova as a wine country on the international stage. This prestigious title represents validation of the company’s ongoing efforts and excellence in producing high-quality wines.

Château Vartely has shown exceptional commitment to tradition, quality, and innovation. With over 100 medals earned in the past two years at international competitions, including 4 Grand Gold medals for wines from the Individo and Taraboste series, Château Vartely has fully confirmed its reputation as a producer of exceptional and innovative wines.

“We are deeply honored to receive this prestigious award and be recognized as the best winery of the year. This is the result of our team’s hard work and dedication, which has made continuous efforts to create high-quality wines. We are committed to pioneering in winemaking and bringing innovation to wine production and wine tourism development, and this award is a confirmation of our vision,” said Valeriu Mihăluță, General Director of Château Vartely.

Founded in 2004, Château Vartely has had a successful history of nearly 20 years, being a benchmark in winemaking at the national and international levels. The company’s key achievements include a significant expansion of vineyard areas, covering over 500 hectares in two prestigious wine regions in Moldova: Valul lui Traian and Codru.

In the past five years, Château Vartely has doubled its share of quality wines in total production, strengthening its position in the domestic market and in over 25 countries worldwide. The company has implemented innovative technologies in winemaking and tourism development, being recognized for its original practices in oenotourism.

Château Vartely reaffirms its commitment to continue offering exceptional wines, promoting winemaking traditions, and bringing innovation to the wine industry, solidifying its status as a leader and bringing pride to the wine industry of the Republic of Moldova.


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