Moldova’s Foreign Minister Warns Against Judicial Obstruction and its Effects on EU Integration

Moldova’s Foreign Minister, Nicu Popescu, has warned that any attempt by judges to delay the country’s justice reform could hinder its European integration. In his view, most of the conditions for accession have been met, and this allows Moldova to start negotiations.

Popescu in Chișinău has also stated that the objective is to demonstrate visible progress in the reform process by the end of the year. He named the corruption of some judges as the “biggest danger to the European path.”

“Every step in the justice system is crucial. Anyone who tries to impede justice reform is hindering European integration,” said Popescu.

The Vice Prime Minister has announced that next week, a list of progress toward accession and the actions taken to turn European recommendations into reality will be made public. While the justice reform process is not yet complete, Popescu believes that the efforts made so far are sufficient to begin the next phase of integration.


Moldova has been making strides towards joining the European Union, with the EU closely monitoring the country’s progress. The reform of the justice system is one of the EU’s key requirements, and Moldova’s efforts to tackle corruption and increase transparency have been widely praised. However, further work is still required, and Popescu’s warning highlights the importance of continued efforts to meet the EU’s standards and requirements.

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