“Business Strategies for Social Impact”: Come to America House and learn how to become a leader in your community

America House Chisinau cultural center invites students, young professionals, business people and company managers to the “Business Strategies for Social Impact” course.

During the course, participants will learn the most innovative and effective business strategies for developing a positive social impact worldwide.

This course introduces the fundamentals of successful investing and developing a business strategy that generates social impact. Participants will learn how to become leaders who cultivate purpose and inspire change, and who invest in businesses effectively and meaningfully.
At the end of this course, participants will have a deeper understanding of the mission of leading an organization whose business creates social impact and will be able to build successful strategies that bring impactful change to the world.

This is a Coursera course and was designed by renowned Wharton professors Katherine Klein and Chris Geczy from the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

The sessions will take place on Saturdays from April 29 to May 20, starting at 10:30. The course is free of charge and in English!
Find the participation form here https://forms.gle/BYVLdGvT4nXUw3he6


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