Demanded sanctions and extradition of Shor and Plahotniuc: MEPs appeal to EU countries

In a resolution adopted on Wednesday, April 19, the European Parliament declares that the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the EU will be a geostrategic investment. In this regard, the MEPs ask the EU to immediately impose sanctions against Ilan Shor and Vlad Plahotniuc.

MEPs are calling on EU member states to impose sanctions against fugitive Moldovan oligarchs Ilan Shor and Vladimir Plahotniuc and, depending on the circumstances, to impose sanctions on their businesses and political organizations. Also, they demanded to extradite Ilan Shor and Vladimir Plahotniuc to the Republic of Moldova.

“The Republic of Moldova remains subject to Russian pressure and energy blackmail, economic upheaval caused by the war in neighboring Ukraine, and Kremlin-backed attempts to destabilize the country’s pro-European government. The Parliament welcomes the actions of the President of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu and the country’s authorities in solving these serious problems. At the same time, the European Parliament calls on the Government of the Republic of Moldova to firmly follow its agenda of reforms in the field of democracy and the rule of law, move towards the full implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU, fight against organized crime at the international level and continue to make efforts to improve the energy security of the country”, said the MEPs.

The full text of the resolution, adopted with 555 votes in favor, 49 votes against and 26 abstentions, states that EU accession negotiations with the Republic of Moldova should start by the end of 2023 after completion of the nine stages defined by the European Commission.

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