Moldova’s Freedom – Linked to Ukraine, Says Volodymyr Zelensky during Warsaw Visit

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a statement during his visit to Warsaw that the freedom of Ukraine will also mean the freedom of Moldova. He also referred to the situation in Georgia, Romania, Slovakia, the Baltic countries, and Belarus. Zelensky mentioned that “the enemy will answer to God”.

“You know that solidarity now includes much more than the fate of our two peoples. When our peoples are free, this is a guarantee that freedom exists in neighboring countries in the European Union. Romania and Slovakia, Lithuania, and other Baltic countries. All are stronger when we are free. When we are free, this is a guarantee that freedom will survive in Moldova, will not leave Georgia, and will surely come to Belarus,” said Zelensky.

On April 5, the Ukrainian president was on an official visit to Poland. Ukraine received planes and the guarantee that Poland will get involved in its reconstruction, and the leader from Kyiv received the highest state distinction, the Order of the White Eagle.


Zelensky’s statement comes as a reminder of the importance of regional solidarity and the interconnectedness of the fates of neighboring countries. The struggle for freedom and democracy is a common one, and the success of one country in this regard can inspire and support others. The situation in Ukraine, which has been facing Russian aggression and territorial disputes, has also had an impact on the security and stability of Moldova and other neighboring countries. Thus, Zelensky’s message highlights the importance of standing together and supporting each other in the face of common challenges.

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