European Political Community’s Second Meeting in Chișinău Sends a Strong Message of Support for Moldova’s EU Membership

The European Political Community (EPC) will hold its second meeting in Chișinău, Moldova, on June 1st, sending a powerful message of support for Moldova’s path towards European Union (EU) membership and peace in the country. The summit will gather representatives from EU member states, as well as non-EU countries that share democratic values and the rule of law.

According to Oazu Nantoi, a deputy of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), the EU is a symbol of peace and stability on the continent, and its support for Moldova’s integration into the Union is a sign of commitment to the country’s prosperity and security. In an interview on TVR Moldova, Nantoi emphasized that joining the EU is joining the “house of peace,” where citizens can benefit from economic growth, human rights, and freedom of movement.


The director of the NATO Center in Moldova, Ion Tăbârță, added that the summit highlights the need to strengthen Moldova’s resilience to various threats, including energy and cyber security, as well as military challenges. Tăbârță stressed that Moldova and other states in the region cannot be kept in a “gray area” to avoid angering Russia, as this policy has proven ineffective in preventing conflict in Ukraine. Instead, Moldova needs to pursue economic resilience to improve the living standards of its citizens and enhance its security.

The EPC’s second meeting in Chișinău is a significant step towards Moldova’s EU membership and a clear message of support for the country’s stability and prosperity.

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