Mihai Popsoi Calls for Expanded Powers for Intelligence Agency to Combat Corruption and Protect National Interests

Parliament Vice President Mihai Popșoi has stated that the additional prerogatives offered to the Information and Security Service (SIS) aim to protect the interests of the state, including preventing situations where lawmakers leave parliamentary factions for money. Popșoi believes that the opposition should support the extension of SIS competencies because it will counteract situations of corruption among lawmakers.

In an interview on the show “Puncte de Reflecție” on Vocea Basarabiei, Popșoi, who is also the President of the PAS parliamentary faction, admitted that judicial reform is taking place more slowly than the government had anticipated. However, he stressed that the process has not been blocked. Popșoi added that justice reform is the cornerstone of economic development, and without firm confidence that justice is being served, businesses will prefer to invest elsewhere.

The PAS representative also revealed that clans within the justice system have made pacts with politicians who do not want the country to integrate with Europe, and they are resisting the justice reform efforts. Popșoi said that despite resistance from these groups, progress is being made, citing the fact that only 20% of the members of the Supreme Council of Magistracy passed evaluations, indicating that the remaining 80% were corrupt. He added that the government has passed legislation to counter attempts at sabotage.


Popșoi further emphasized that to combat attempts to destabilize the country, the government is offering extended powers to the SIS. The package of laws related to SIS reform, which was voted on in the first reading, allows SIS officers to intercept, track, or install surveillance equipment without a judge’s warrant if there are suspicions that national security is at risk.

While acknowledging that there will be criticisms from the opposition, Popșoi stressed that these new powers are essential to protect the interests of the state and prevent the type of corruption that has been observed among lawmakers. He cited the example of the BCS parliamentary faction, where members are rumored to have sold their votes for money. Popșoi believes that the extended SIS powers will help prevent such cases.

The PAS government has stated that the three SIS reform bills will undergo further public consultations and will be finalized in line with the recommendations of the Venice Commission before being proposed to Parliament for approval in the second reading.

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