Moldova’s State of Emergency Extended Once More: What’s Next?

The Parliament of Chișinău has voted to extend the state of emergency for a period of 60 days, starting from October 2, 2023. The project was supported by 57 votes from PAS deputies.

“Recent events have led to the expansion of the effects of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine beyond the borders of the neighboring country. In this context, there is a risk of dangerous objects falling into the Republic of Moldova, including through accidental overflights of its airspace. This represents a threat to national security and the citizens of Moldova. Another risk is that Russian armed forces may intensify attacks with cruise missiles and drones on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, which could lead to disruptions in the supply of electricity to the Republic of Moldova,” the project’s briefing note states.


Potential risks in the field of cyber and information security, as well as in communication and transportation infrastructure, have also been taken into consideration.

The state of emergency throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova was declared by the Parliament on February 24, 2022, at the proposal of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, and it has been extended multiple times since then. The extension of the state of emergency was criticized by socialist deputies who demanded the removal of the project from the agenda of the Parliament’s session.

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