Moldova to Enter Winter Season with Sufficient Gas Reserves for the First Time, Parlicov Says

For the first time, the Republic of Moldova will enter the winter season with sufficient gas reserves, announced the Minister of Energy, Victor Parlicov, on a Vocea Basarabiei radio show. According to the official, negotiations are currently underway to purchase natural gas at more favorable prices.

“We have never been better prepared for the winter season. We have enough gas stocks to ensure consumption until the end of January. We continue to make reserves as we believe that market prices are still advantageous. We are working to address the gas delivery constraints from Southern Europe, where capacity is limited. We aim to increase this capacity because gas prices there are more affordable, and we do not want to miss the opportunity to benefit from even better prices,” mentioned Victor Parlicov.

Victor Parlicov previously announced that the state’s coal reserves have been fully replenished, and the procedure for the purchase and replenishment of oil reserves is currently underway. However, it will no longer be used as a primary fuel.

It should be noted that this summer, Energocom purchased 300 million cubic meters of natural gas at an average price of $400 per thousand cubic meters.


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