Moldova’s VP Popșoi Addresses EU Integration and Security Challenges in Washington

Vice President of the Moldovan Parliament, Mihail Popșoi, addressed the steps taken by the Republic of Moldova towards European Union integration and the security challenges faced during a public event organized by the Peace Institute in Washington.

In his speech, Popșoi discussed the conflict in the Transnistrian region, efforts to counter Russia’s malign influence, combat propaganda and disinformation, counteract attempts to destabilize the country, and address regional security challenges amid the Ukraine war. He highlighted actions taken by authorities, including the establishment of the Center for Strategic Communication and Countering Disinformation and the finalization of the new National Security Strategy awaiting approval from Parliament. Due to national efforts and support from development partners, the country’s defense budget will double next year, committing to reaching 1% of GDP in the coming years.

“We are taking firm steps to strengthen our institutions. It is necessary to enhance their resilience, and we will continue to invest in the country’s security and information security. As for Russia exploiting our vulnerabilities, they are now shifting towards using the democratic process against our European future,” stated Mihail Popșoi.

The Vice President emphasized Moldova’s commitment to implementing reforms that bring the country closer to the European Union, focusing on combating corruption, consolidating the rule of law, enhancing resilience in energy and defense, and respecting human rights. He reaffirmed support for Ukraine and its people, urging continued international support for the country’s modernization process. “I hope the start of EU accession negotiations will provide momentum and set the process in motion in a way we haven’t seen in 30 years,” added Mihail Popșoi.


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