Multiple British embassies are shooting down “fake” reports claiming King Charles III has died

Multiple British embassies swiftly refuted “fake” reports circulating about the demise of King Charles III.

“We would like to clarify that the news regarding the passing of King Charles III is entirely false,” stated a social media post from the British embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Similarly, the U.K.’s embassy in Azerbaijan issued a parallel message on Monday, affirming, “We confirm that the reports regarding the demise of King Charles III are unfounded!”


These statements followed a flurry of rumors circulating online and in seemingly unfounded Russian media reports regarding the health of the 75-year-old British monarch.

Last month, Buckingham Palace disclosed that Charles had received a diagnosis of an unspecified form of cancer.

Addressing the public earlier this month via televised speech, Charles expressed gratitude for the “incredibly kind and considerate well-wishes” for his health, pledging to “continue serving you to the best of my abilities.”

The conjecture surrounding the king’s health coincides with heightened scrutiny on the British royal family, particularly after Kate, the Princess of Wales, issued an apology last week for altering a photograph, which was subsequently retracted by news agencies.

The image, initially released by Kensington Palace and purportedly depicting Kate following abdominal surgery in January, was withdrawn by The Associated Press and other news outlets due to concerns that “the source had altered the image in a manner inconsistent with AP’s photo standards.”

“In line with many amateur photographers, I occasionally experiment with editing,” remarked Kate in a statement released by Kensington Palace following the photo’s retraction.

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