Natalia Gavrilița discussed with the President of the World Bank Group about a new financing for Moldova

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița asked the World Bank to provide flexible non-reimbursable financing, necessary to support the population in times of crisis, generated by the war in Ukraine. The possibilities of allocating additional funding for next year, accelerating the implementation of projects in agriculture, energy and infrastructure, as well as the support needed by Moldova for structural reforms, were discussed at the meeting of the Prime Minister with the President of the World Bank Group, David Malpas.

The Chief Executive appreciated the openness of the World Bank to contribute to the modernization and transformation of priority areas, referring to ongoing projects in the field of health, education, agriculture and regional infrastructure. The parties also discussed measures to reduce inflationary pressures, ensure food security, but also the importance of facilitating exports to the EU market, in order to redirect the affected trade.

David Malpas mentioned that the World Bank will remain a reliable partner for the Republic of Moldova with essential contributions in overcoming the existing difficulties, as well as promoting long-term reforms. In the next period, the new Partnership Strategy with our country will be elaborated. Finally, Natalia Gavrilița invited David Malpas to visit the Republic of Moldova.


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