Important day! The EU Council is deciding whether to double the quotas for Moldovan agricultural products

The issue of doubling duty-free access quotas on the European market for the last seven agricultural products in the Republic of Moldova that are still subject to the tariff regime is on the agenda of the Council of the European Union today, July 18. The inclusion of the subject on the agenda usually means that the decision is agreed by the 27 EU agriculture ministers. In practical terms, all Moldovan products will now be able to enter the EU without tariffs in the free trade area (DCFTA), writes IPN.

On 5 July, the European Parliament adopted in an accelerated procedure the legislation proposed almost a month earlier by the European Commission, which provides that the Republic of Moldova will be able, for at least one year, to sell its agricultural products on European markets without paying duty.

The Commission described the initiative as “an illustration of EU solidarity to help Moldova cope with the loss of its main markets and transit hubs for these key agricultural products as a result of the war against Ukraine”.

The last seven products from the Republic of Moldova that are still subject to the tariff regime are: plums, cherries, apples, grapes and grape juice, tomatoes and garlic. The proposed regulation doubles, for one year, the amount of these products that can be exported to the EU from Moldova without taxes.

Potential volumes exempt from customs duties will now amount to approximately EUR 55 million, of which approximately EUR 10 million for plums and EUR 27 million for grapes.


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