Natalia Gavrilița: The role of the state is to facilitate economic activity

Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița participated, today, together with her Romanian counterpart, Nicolae Ionel Ciucă, at ​​the Forum Moldova – Romania: Capital Bridges 2022. The event aimed to promote the capital markets on the two banks of the Prut brought together government officials from both countries, representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the World Bank and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

At the inauguration of the forum, Natalia Gavrilița emphasized that the Republic of Moldova is open to all those who want to explore the business opportunities in our country, and the Chisinau Government remains fully committed to ensuring a sustainable partnership between the public and private sectors, in order to support the business environment, the attraction of investments and the social-economic development of the Republic of Moldova.

“The role of the state is to facilitate economic activity, this is why we focus on improving the investment climate and the legal framework and we are interested in your proposals in this regard. Today’s event is about building bridges – bridges between my country and foreign investors, between Moldovan and international businesses, between Moldovan companies, Romanian capital markets and other key capital markets in Europe and beyond. Since taking over the mandate, the construction of these bridges has been a priority of the Government”, said Natalia Gavrilița.

At the same time, the prime minister mentioned that the basic objective remains the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the EU, and our country made its choice to be part of the free world irreversible.


“The most important bridge we have managed to build is the new level of our relationship with the EU, after we were granted candidate status. Being elected to restore the rule of law, encourage economic development and pave the way to prosperity, we consider European integration as the compass that will help us meet these expectations of our citizens and companies doing business in our country”, he said Natalia Gavrilița.

The Prime Minister stressed that the transformation agenda is a consistent one, and the authorities are making efforts to further simplify the taxation system, reduce bureaucracy and accelerate the digital transformation. Also, according to the prime minister, despite the crises generated by the war in Ukraine, interrupted supply chains, inflation and uncertainties related to energy security, our country has a solid macroeconomic base – the labor market reflects positive trends, there is a decrease in public debt, and in 2021 GDP increased by 13.9%, more than in any country in Europe.

The Head of the Executive also spoke about the banking sector in our country, the opportunities created in areas such as IT, e-commerce and the automotive industry. At the same time, the Prime Minister emphasized that the authorities remain focused on the development of the internal capital market, the launch of new financial instruments and the facilitation of access to international financial markets, stating in context the importance of the support and expertise of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the Financial Supervisory Authority .

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