National Bank of Moldova Launches Financial Education Campaign with USAID Support

The National Bank of Moldova launches a national financial education campaign with the support of USAID through the Institutional and Structural Reforms Program in Moldova (MISRA).

The launch event will take place on October 31, 2023, and will bring together officials from the Republic of Moldova, representatives of the financial-banking sector, the education sector, civil society, economic experts, and external partners.

The campaign will include a series of events and educational materials aimed at different consumer groups to help them understand the financial system. Additionally, a web-based financial education module will be created, providing consumers with accessible and useful information to make informed financial decisions.


This effort is particularly important at a time when the financial environment is evolving rapidly, offering a wide range of financial services to consumers, and citizens are interested in managing their own income optimally. They require knowledge and information to understand the processes and services available so that they can fully benefit from them.

“No matter the purpose and practical value of financial decisions, it is important that they are correct and well-informed. Financial decisions with an impact are made starting from the experience of simple decisions. We learn from simple to complex financial concepts to better understand the opportunities in the financial market. Thus, we learn to be aware of these opportunities and transform our lives for the better,” notes Octavian Armașu, the Governor of the National Bank.

The implementation of the national financial education campaign is synchronized with the development of the national strategic financial education program, framed within the strategic assistance provided by USAID. This document aims to establish an effective framework for collaboration that will stimulate the synergy of interinstitutional efforts in the country and civil society.

Additionally, the launch event will present the results of the Survey on the Financial Education Level of the Population, conducted with the support of USAID, following an international methodology used to assess financial education in OECD member countries.

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