NATO claims to support Moldovan servants in strengthening the response to threats

NATO will help Moldovan civil servants create national strategies and strengthen responses to threats. The matter was discussed by the state secretary Adrian Bălutel.

The official had a joint meeting with the British ambassador Steven Fisher, the head of the NATO Liaison Office – Republic of Moldova, Michaela Simakova, representatives of NATO, and the central public authorities. The meeting took place in the context of the implementation of the Professional Development Program, with the support of NATO, identifying the fields necessary for training. The Secretary of State thanked the British ambassador and NATO representatives for the opportunity to offer courses, seminars, and workshops in various fields to civil servants in our country.

“We want the Professional Development Program to be able to contribute significantly to improving the performance of civil servants in the Republic of Moldova, as well as facilitating the process of drafting and implementing reforms in the public sector and, in particular, in that of security and defense”, declared Băluțel goodbye.


The parties have identified the main directions for the training of the employees from the public sector. Among them, the development of the skills to develop national strategies, the strengthening of the capacities to respond to security threats, as well as the development of the skills to carry out reforms were mentioned. Also, the project proposes improving the management of human resources and increasing the degree of involvement of civil society in the decision-making process.

The implementation of the Program will contribute to increasing democratic control over institutions in the defense and security sector, as well as to strengthening inter-institutional cooperation in the management of national security and defense.

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