The government will claim over 3 billion lei from JSC “Moldovagaz”.

The Government of the Republic of Moldova will claim 3.3 billion lei, at the average exchange rate of 2008, from SA “Moldovagaz”. More precisely, the amount is to be entered into the account as a debt of “Moldovagaz” to the Public Property Agency.

The decision was adopted by the Parliament after hearing the audit report of the Court of Accounts.

“Additionally, the necessary actions will be taken to suspend the voting rights of JSC “Moldovagaz” shares related to the patrimony withdrawn by the shareholder on the left side of the Dniester of the Republic of Moldova, in case of failure to ensure in the near term the restoration of JSC “Moldovagaz” control over the patrimony located in the left side of the Dniester. At the same time, the activity of the Government representatives in the Board of Observers and in the Board of Directors of “Moldovagaz” will be evaluated, according to the document approved today.

The Ministry of Energy will start, jointly with the Public Property Agency, the procedure of recognition/registration as state property of gas networks without an owner and the transmission of those owned by the state, the document also states.


Meanwhile, Moldovagaz came up with a reaction in this regard.

“In connection with the publication and debate in Parliament of the report of the Court of Accounts regarding the activity of JSC “Moldovagaz”, the company’s administration draws attention to the structure and the very spirit of this document, which is not mandatory, but has a recommendation character. SA “Moldovagaz” assures that the financial discrepancies identified by the auditors are not reflected in any form in the tariff for final consumers. According to the law, the tariff includes purchase prices, supply, transport and distribution tariffs, as well as negative tariff deviations, which were basically formed due to the pronounced difference between the actual purchase price and the one approved by the National Regulatory Agency in Energetic for the natural gas supplied”, the press release states.
The decision adopted by the Parliament also provides for the efficiency of the activity of gas distribution networks subordinated to “Moldovagaz” by ensuring the approval of the merger of the 12 distribution companies.

The approval and application of an action plan to further reduce gas losses in the natural gas distribution network is also foreseen.

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