Broad humanitarian coalition launches joint 2023 plan to support the Republic of Moldova’s refugee response

In response to the displacement crisis caused by Russia’s full- invasion of Ukraine, a broad coalition of humanitarian partners today launched the national chapter of the 2023 inter-agency Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP).  This plan, produced under the auspices of the Refugee Coordination Forum (RCF) co-led by the Government and UNHCR together with the UN family and humanitarian partners, appeals for sustained financial support to help refugees and host communities in this country.

In 2022, a total of 42 government and humanitarian partners joined the efforts to provide protection services and multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance to refugees from Ukraine, third-country nationals seeking safety, and other persons in need, reaching some 128,000 people in the Republic of Moldova. The 2022 RRP complemented Government-led efforts building on the collective efforts being conducted by volunteer groups and other local responders. Notable achievements included reaching 108,000 individuals with cash assistance, 89,000 receiving in-kind assistance, supporting 128,000 with food assistance, providing protection services for 118,000 people, facilitating access to health services for 16,000, and ensuring 1,800 children are benefitting from the national education system.

“This national chapter of the Regional Refugee Response plan is the foundation of our Government’s collaboration with humanitarian partners in support of refugees from Ukraine and the communities that have received them in the Republic of Moldova,” explains Colonel Adrian Efros, head of the Government’s Joint Crisis Management Centre.  “We are pleased to work with this broad coalition of partners from the national government, local authorities, United Nations, civil society, refugees, the diplomatic community, and others to continue building upon what we achieved together last year.”

In 2023, a combination of 73 partners in Moldova will join their efforts to ensure protection, safety, and assistance continue to reach refugees and Moldovans alike. A key objective of the response plan is to provide coordinated support to government-led efforts to address the protection and lifesaving needs of refugees and those who fled the war in Ukraine. This will include the facilitation of appropriate solutions and support to Moldovan host communities.

“The world has watched with deep respect, as communities across Moldova opened their hearts and their homes to refugees fleeing Ukraine. The United Nations remains committed to supporting refugees and communities in Moldova” Said Simon Springett, the UN Resident Coordinator in the Republic of Moldova, “Through the Regional Refugees Response Plan this support continues – and will continue until the last refugee returns safely to Ukraine.”


Together, RRP partners seek USD $426.9 million to support a projected 1 million refugees that could potentially arrive in the Republic of Moldova by the end of the year. Since 24 February 2022, more than 775,000 refugees have entered Moldova and nearly 110,000, including third-country nationals, are currently in the country requiring mid to long-term support and solutions.

The RRP focuses on key sectors, including protection, basic needs, health and nutrition, education, livelihoods and inclusion, shelter, and cash assistance to refugees and refugees hosting families. 

The plan is launched in the context of the ongoing war in neighboring Ukraine, which is characterized by attacks on non-combatants, civilian infrastructure, and ongoing large-scale displacement both within and outside of the country. It is also built as a continuation of the achievements of the previous year’s plan and the challenges raised during the implementation.

“Humanitarian needs remain high, which underscores the importance of international solidarity at this juncture,” said Francesca Bonelli, UNHCR Representative in the Republic of Moldova.  “Together, we can sustain and continue to build upon the refugee response in this country for both refugees and host communities alike.”

In the context of the activation of the temporary protection regime in the Republic of Moldova, the promotion of resilience, livelihoods, and socioeconomic inclusion of refugees is a key aspect of the plan including the upgrade of local services, provision of socioeconomic integration support, job placement services, information, vocational training, validation, and certification of skills, as well as in-kind micro-grants for self-employment and small businesses.

Under the leadership of the Government of Moldova, the RRP brings together the efforts of 73 organizations including UN agencies, national and international NGOs, faith-based institutions, and civil society.

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