Nearly two-thirds of Moldova’s agricultural production reaches the EU, Minister Bolea claims

“The Minister of Agriculture, Vladimir Bolea, announced that the Republic of Moldova is experiencing a significant increase in agricultural product exports to the European Union, with Romania leading as the primary consumer, as reported by citing Adevă

According to Minister Bolea’s statements, approximately 60 percent of the total production of the Republic of Moldova is destined for the European Union market, and this trend is continually growing.

The value of exports has exceeded the threshold of 2.8 billion euros, with Romania representing the largest consumer, accounting for over 1.4 billion euros.

“Everything we produce ends up in the EU – apples, plums, grapes, or wine. It is a significant achievement for our country and demonstrates the quality of our agricultural products,” Minister Bolea stated.

However, the minister emphasized that exports to Russia have experienced a significant decline, reaching only a few hundred million euros. He mentioned that, although there are farmers who want to export to Russia, logistical aspects have complicated this activity.

“Exports to Russia have dramatically decreased, reaching approximately 200 million euros last year. The range of exported products is limited, predominantly consisting of fruits,” added him.

The Minister of Agriculture highlighted that, despite logistical challenges and the decline in exports to Russia, the Republic of Moldova remains firmly committed to strengthening trade relations with its partners in the European Union and the region.”

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