Moldova Shines Internationally: Ranks 9th in Prestigious Tourism Film Festival Competition

The Republic of Moldova is once again in international rankings. Our country has secured the 9th position in the prestigious international competition CIFFT (Committee of Tourism Film Festivals), in the ‘People’s Choice’ category. The competition promotes and rewards the most successful videos about travel, tourist destinations, and the tourism industry, organized by the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals, with the support of the World Tourism Organization and the European Commission for Tourism.

Moldova participated with a selection of 8 video materials under the name ‘Moldova – discover the routes of life,’ delving into the heart of authenticity, history, and Moldovan traditions. It highlights welcoming guesthouses, picturesque vineyards, crystal-clear lakes, and archaeological sites, inviting online audiences to discover Moldova’s tourism potential.

“Moldova’s success in the CIFFT competition is truly commendable. The fact that we ranked in the top 10 emphasizes the interest and fascination of foreign tourists with the beauty of picturesque landscapes and our authentic culture. The result achieved in the competition supported by the UNWTO is due to the audience, which had the opportunity to vote for the country’s presentation film during the three weeks of the competition. This way, we manage to take another significant step in bringing Moldova to the world’s attention and continue to make Moldova known on the international stage to attract as many visitors as possible,” said Elena Stepanov, Executive Director of the National Association for Receptive Tourism.

This edition of the competition featured 56 countries, with Moldova proudly positioning itself in the top 10, alongside renowned tourist destinations such as Portugal, Peru, Cuba, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, Poland, Croatia, and Spain.

Moldova’s participation in the CIFFT competition was made possible with the support of the National Association for Receptive Tourism (ANTRIM), which promotes the sustainable development of the sector and contributes to increasing the visibility of Moldovan destinations internationally.

The partners supporting this initiative include the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova and the USAID Competitiveness and Resilience Rural Project in Moldova.

“Tourism today, worldwide, means lived experiences, knowledge, and many discoveries. Moldova can boast an attractive cultural heritage, with hosts who value our cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and places that have not yet been touched by mass tourism. With these elements, we will be able to enjoy more visitors who come to discover Moldova and all the picturesque places presented in the video voted at CIFFT. This appreciation is yet another proof that we manage to bring Moldova to the world’s attention and continue to make our country known on the international stage, to win hearts and create memories,” said Sergiu Prodan, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Moldova.


“For over a decade, the United States, through projects implemented in Moldova, has been supporting the development of the tourism sector and the enormous potential of the industry, which still preserves traditions and cultural heritage while offering economic opportunities for rural areas. Moldova’s placement in the top 10 of the CIFFT competition is the result of implemented international marketing activities, whose results will generate the presence of a larger number of foreign tourists,” said Diana Lazăr, Director of the Wine and Tourism Industry, the USAID Competitiveness and Resilience Rural Project (PCRR) in Moldova.

Tourism in Moldova has experienced significant growth in recent years, with 4.7 million foreigners visiting Moldova in 2022, including 162,000 tourists. In 2022, tourism generated 317 million USD, representing 2.2% of Moldova’s GDP. In 2023, the number of tourists increased by 110% compared to the period of January-June 2022.

Annually, on the second Sunday of November, Moldova celebrates World Wine Tourism Day. Moldova has 10 wineries with tourist facilities and accommodation, 20 wineries with restaurants, and 40 with options for wine tours and tasting. Throughout the country, a network of over 150 kilometers of cycling and hiking trails has been developed, offering the opportunity to kayak or birdwatch in natural reserves.

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