New hopes for women suffering from onco-gynecological diseases. UNFPA support for the Oncology Institute

Equipment for the operating room of the oncology and mammology department of the Oncology Institute was donated by UNFPA – the UN Population Fund, with the financial support of the US Government. The value of the aid reaches 97,000 dollars.

The support is granted following a comprehensive analysis of the urgent needs of medical institutions of strategic importance. It will contribute to reducing the waiting time for women to be operated on in a modern operating room and will increase the access of Moldovan women and refugees to health services.

In addition to medical equipment, the ward also received necessary equipment and medical furniture for examination rooms, post-operative and intensive care rooms: special beds, ventilator, monitor, electrocardiograph, stretcher for intensive care, defibrillators, gynecological armchairs, refrigerators for medicine storage, sterilizer.


“The waiting time for interventions is cut in half, thanks to the new equipment and open operating rooms. This also influences the quality of treatment. Feicare represents a mother, a sister, and a grandmother and there is a history behind her. Already more than 370 women from Ukraine have received help at this Institute. This gives women and families new chances and new perspectives”, declares Nigina Abaszada, UNFPA Moldova Resident Representative.

The donated medical equipment is adapted to the needs of girls and women with disabilities, which will increase the degree of inclusion and access to medical services for categories of people with a higher degree of vulnerability.

The Oncological Institute is one of the medical institutions in the country that are equipped by UNFPA and the US Government with medical equipment in the field of sexual and reproductive health. Thus, during the months of October-November, aid in the amount of 3.6 million US dollars was granted for the entire medical system in the Republic of Moldova.

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