New Natural Gas Transportation Route Opens for the Republic of Moldova, Ministry of Energy Announces

The Ministry of Energy has announced that another natural gas transportation route will soon be available for the Republic of Moldova. The Ukrainian energy regulatory authority has initiated the approval procedure for the entry tariff at the Oleksiivka interconnection point, connecting Moldova to Ukraine.

The operationalization of this route presents new opportunities for international traders seeking to utilize the southern direction (where significant natural gas sources are concentrated, such as the Southern Gas Corridor: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria) towards the northern direction, leading to the largest underground natural gas storage facilities in Europe, located in Ukraine.

The establishment of this new transportation route offers the Republic of Moldova the opportunity to become a significant transit corridor, contributing to the enhancement of energy security in Central and Eastern Europe.

By connecting to the Oleksiivka interconnection point, Moldova gains access to diverse natural gas sources and markets. This not only ensures a more diversified and secure energy supply for the country but also opens up possibilities for regional cooperation and strengthens the energy resilience of the entire region.


The availability of this additional transportation route is expected to boost economic development and attract new investment opportunities. It will facilitate the flow of natural gas between different countries, supporting the growth of energy markets and promoting regional integration.

Furthermore, the Republic of Moldova’s strategic geographical position allows it to play a vital role in ensuring the stability and reliability of natural gas supplies in the wider region. By serving as a transit corridor, Moldova can contribute to the energy security and stability of neighboring countries, fostering closer cooperation and collaboration in the energy sector.

The Ministry of Energy, along with relevant stakeholders, will closely monitor the approval process for the entry tariff at the Oleksiivka interconnection point. The timely implementation of this new route will be crucial for reaping the benefits of enhanced energy connectivity and strengthening the Republic of Moldova’s position as a key player in the regional energy landscape.

This significant development aligns with the Republic of Moldova’s ongoing efforts to diversify its energy sources and reduce dependency on a single supplier. It also aligns with the country’s commitment to sustainable and secure energy systems, in line with European Union directives and objectives.

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