Nicu Popescu had a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The head of diplomacy of the Republic of Moldova, Nicu Popescu, had a meeting with Jean Asselborn, the minister of foreign and European affairs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. At the meeting of the national delegations, Minister Nicu Popescu mentioned the continuation by the Chisinau authorities of the reform agenda, with the intention of building a stronger and more democratic state. Justice reform and the fight against corruption are at the heart of the transformation on the path of European modernization.

“Together with the Luxembourg foreign minister, we talked about concrete ways to strengthen our bilateral relationship, which this year marks the 30th anniversary. We agreed to expand trade and economic cooperation, boost investments and attract tourists to our country. We also discussed Moldova’s deeper integration into the European Union, connecting to European energy, infrastructure and transport networks. In order to stimulate people-to-people contacts and business links between our country and EU member states, we would also like to reduce roaming charges.” – declared the minister Nicu Popescu.


The officials referred to the dramatic consequences of the unjust war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, a war that the Moldovan authorities condemn in the strongest terms, being co-authors of the resolution voted with an overwhelming majority in New York. The situation in the region and the impact on our country, including in the Transnistrian region, were thoroughly discussed, with Luxembourg reiterating its financial and humanitarian support with the support of its partner Caritas.

“It is absolutely clear that Europe is united against common threats and around common values ​​of peace, security and prosperity. In this spirit, the Republic of Moldova will host the next meeting of the European Political Community in the spring of 2023, to which we reiterated the invitation of the Luxembourg side.” – concluded Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu.

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