Nicu Popescu: Moldova is facing a series of challenges specific to the hybrid war

At this stage, there are no military risks to the Republic of Moldova. The main risks looming over the country’s stability are those of a hybrid nature. This is what the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu, says. According to the official, our country is currently facing a series of challenges specific to the hybrid war, namely propaganda, false bomb alerts, and the attempt of oligarchic groups to destabilize the situation through paid protests, notes

Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu says that thanks to the resistance of the Ukrainian people and Western support for the Ukrainian army, the front line is kept away from the border of the Republic of Moldova. The head of the diplomacy from Chisinau assures that the risk of a Russian invasion of the Republic of Moldova, at this moment, does not exist.

“The Republic of Moldova is not threatened militarily at this stage. We have a geographical, and regional situation and external support that allow us, at this stage, not to feel militarily threatened. This is due to the fact that the Ukrainian army and society have the ability to keep the front line away from the Republic of Moldova. At this stage the main risks are hybrid, internal, cyber-attacks, bomb alerts, paid protesters, and common things between the authorities of the Russian Federation and the oligarchs who have robbed our population. They are now working together to destabilize the situation”, said Nicu Popescu during the show “In context” on the public television channel Moldova 1.


The official also mentioned that the authorities of the Republic of Moldova have taken the decision to gradually abandon relations with the CIS, denouncing agreements that are out of date or irrelevant to the country’s European course.

“Within the CIS, the Republic of Moldova has signed and ratified over 300 agreements, there are approximately 330 agreements. We know that agreements have been signed in the CIS that does not work, are not implemented, or are not respected. Each ministry makes this assessment and will gradually start the process of withdrawing from several agreements that are irrelevant to the Republic of Moldova. Our goal is to join the European Union, our external relations are subordinated to this goal, and in the CIS there are many things that are irrelevant or do not apply. On paper we have a free trade zone with the Russian Federation, de facto Russia has introduced major trade restrictions many times”, said the head of the diplomacy from Chisinau, Nicu Popescu.

The Deputy Prime Minister reiterated that the Republic of Moldova officially demands Russia to withdraw its troops from its territory and insists on the peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, exclusively through diplomatic methods.

The official assured the citizens that the goal of the authorities is to maintain peace, security, and tranquility on both banks of the Dniester.

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