Nicu Popescu on the NATO meeting: I felt political solidarity

The status of neutrality of Moldova does not mean demilitarization and isolation on the external level, but the ability to protect citizens, ensuring their peace. Moldova is a security provider by participating in peacekeeping operations both in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The respective statements were made by Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu at the meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs of the NATO states, informs

“I was honored to feel the political solidarity in every country speech delivered at the meeting. We presented our vision regarding regional security, the risks and the dramatic consequences of the Russian Federation’s war of aggression against Ukraine to the security of the Republic of Moldova, including in terms of energy,” said Minister Nicu Popescu.

The head of Moldovan diplomacy emphasized that the Republic of Moldova is advocating for the consolidation of democratic, socio-economic, energy, military, and informational resilience and increasing the ability to counter new hybrid challenges, including those in the informational space.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that among the current priorities of the Republic of Moldova are the implementation of reforms required and requested by the citizens for the advancement of the European modernization process, the management of the energy crisis, the refugee crisis, the solution of urgent social-economic problems, ensuring the stability and security of the country.


The head of Moldovan diplomacy discussed the strengthening of the security and national defense sector in accordance with the new developments and requirements of the current security environment, and the development of the necessary capacities to face the emerging challenges. The expertise and assistance of the Alliance in promoting reforms and in particular for the development of security, defense, and resilience capacities are essential for the democracy of the Republic of Moldova.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration reminded the meeting about the usefulness of implementing concrete bilateral programs, including the objectives of the Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) with NATO for the years 2022-2023, the Program regarding the consolidation of integrity in the security and defense sector, the implementation of projects within the Science for Peace and Security program.

The representatives of the NATO states reconfirmed the Alliance’s commitment to the partnership with the Republic of Moldova and reiterated the organization’s strong support for sovereignty, territorial integrity, and respect for Moldova’s status of neutrality.

The meeting of ministers took place between November 29 and 30, in Bucharest. The participation of the Republic of Moldova at the NATO ministerial took place within the working sessions in the format of allies and partners, to which the Republic of Moldova, Georgia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina were invited.

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