Oleg Serebrian: There is a risk of an explosion at Cobasna

The risk of an accidental deflagration at the Cobasna warehouse is very high! The statement was made by the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, Oleg Serebrian, during the show “Rezoomat cu Ileana Pîgaru”. According to the official, the ammunition depot on the left of the Dniester remains a risk factor for the security of the region. The deputy prime minister also says that an explosion of the ammunition stored in Cobasna would affect all nearby towns.

“The biggest risk is to have an incident, a deflagration, inadvertently. We see that such things are still happening in the context of the war in Ukraine. Some say that the force of such a deflagration would not be that great, because some of the ammunition is stored underground, others say that it would still be a very large deflagration force. Of course, the effect of such a catastrophe would be great. Neighboring towns would feel this shock wave. Some of that ammunition was destroyed. It is sometimes given the false impression that it is exactly the same stockpile of ammunition and weaponry since 1992. It is not. It remains quite an important arsenal, physically and morally obsolete, but important, “said Oleg Serebrian.


According to the deputy prime minister, at the beginning of the war there was a fear that the weapons stored in Cobasna would be used without authorization in military operations.

“Another danger that is frequently cited is the unauthorized use of these munitions and weapons for the theater of war, especially when the front line could have approached the Transnistrian region or the region would have entered the area of ​​military operations. For now, this danger is further, in connection with the developments on the Ukrainian front, the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian troops in the Kherson region. The front is more than 300 kilometers away”, pointed out the Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration.

According to official data, the warehouse at Cobasna would be the largest in Eastern Europe, storing over 20 thousand tons of weapons and ammunition.

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