Opinion: The Republic of Moldova had the misfortune of being next to the “evil empire”, Russia

Integration into the European Union is an extremely long and extremely difficult process, which requires the fulfillment of certain conditions and standards that are quite difficult to achieve. This statement was made by the president of the Forța Dreptei party and former Romanian Prime Minister, Ludovic Orban, during a show on Jurnal TV.

Asked whether it would be more realistic and easier for the Republic of Moldova to achieve the European integration project or a project of the Union with Romania, Orban said that Moldova would get better results if it would choose a mixed approach – the European integration through the Union with Romania.

“In addition, there is also an international situation, especially in this area, that can influence these processes, rather negatively. However, the Republic of Moldova, like Romania, had the misfortune of being placed by history, by destiny, next to the Evil Empire, which is Russia, and may permanently be the target of actions that affect its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. It was very clear that Putin and the power in the Kremlin don’t give a damn about such things. However, I believe that the Republic of Moldova could obtain much greater advantages and much greater security guarantees if the European integration process were to take place through the Union with Romania”, said Ludovic Orban.


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