Moldova to have a brand new investigation office. What tasks does it have?

A new independent investigation office will be launched in Chisinau. It will investigate the causes of road accidents and air, rail, and sea transport incidents.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved, in today’s meeting, the creation of the Transport Accident and Incident Investigation Office. It will organize, lead and coordinate the technical investigation activity regarding the safety of events in air, rail, and marine transport.

“At the same time, the authority will draw up preliminary and final reports in which the causes and circumstances of the transport events will be established and will issue safety recommendations. We specify that, currently, in our country, there is no independent authority to investigate transport events from the safety point of view, which would have the purpose of preventing them. As a rule, in the investigation of an event with the generation of damage, the criminal prosecution body participates, which has the mission of establishing the culprit in the occurrence of the event, not to come up with recommendations regarding the avoidance of such events in the future”, announce the officials from the Government.


Thus, by creating the Investigation Bureau, the state’s capacity to investigate transport events will be increased, which will contribute to the improvement of transport safety, and also to the prevention of accidents and incidents.

Also, this will harmonize the national legal framework with European norms, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development press release also states.

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