Prime Minister Gavrilița asks to speed up the European integration process!

Natalia Gavrilița asked the ministers to work for the fastest possible integration into the EU. The message was sent at the beginning of the Government meeting on Wednesday, January 25th.

The Head of the Executive stated that European integration will bring salaries, infrastructure, and European conditions to our country. She pointed out that currently, the authorities are recovering “what has not been achieved in 30 years”.

“We are working on adjusting the legislation to the Community one. Accelerating our path to European integration, everything that means wages, infrastructure, and better conditions for localities. I ask the ministries to finalize the document (n. ed.: The Government’s action plan for three years) based on the proposals that came in the consultation process and to systematize the action plan in all directions,” said Gavrilița.


Gavrilița mentioned that the authorities “have the task of starting on this path of European integration”, referring to the Baltic countries. “They went on the highway. We took her on the carts. We ended up being a captured state. Let’s move very quickly towards a better life”, Gavrilița pointed out.

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