OSCE Chairman-in-office visits Moldova

Zbigniew Rau, OSCE’s chariman-in office and Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has concluded his first official visit in Moldova, on the 26th of March.

According to the official press release of OSCE, Minister Rau met with president Maia Sandu, Prim-minister Natalia Gavrilita, deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Popescu, and Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian. Moreover, he also met with Transnistrian leader Vadim Krasnoselsky and the Chief Negotiator Vitaly Ignatiev in Bender, in order to “underline the need to further build trust and constructive dialogue between sides for the benefit of the affected populations on both banks of the Dniester River”.

The main topic of Minister’s Rau discussion with Moldova’s high-ranked official focused on advancing a comprehensive and lasting political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict in all its aspects, strengthening the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova.

The foreign Affairs Minister Rau has declared that with his visit he would like to “demonstrate solidarity and political support in these difficult times”. The official emphasized on multiple occasions the need to achieve a comprehensive and peaceful solution of the situation in Transnistria based on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova within its internationally recognized borders, with special status for Transnistria.

For further details, please visit the OSCE Mission to Moldova website.

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