(VIDEO)”Superhero” – a manifesto for struggling children

“Superhero” is the manifesto for trust offered by The Motans (a Moldovan artist Denis Roabeș) to children who are struggling with the shortcomings of life.

“This song is about superheroes, but the difference between them and the ones we are used to seeing on screens, in movies, is that they truly exist, they are real and fight evil without any supernatural powers. The superpowers of true heroes remain courage, hope and, of course, the greatest superpower one can have, love, ” said the lead singer of the band.

The Motans is one of the most successful music projects from Moldova. He debuted in 2016 with the song “Versus”, which was a great success and quickly reached the heart of the public, through hits such as “Weekend”, “Poem”, “Jackpot”, “August” or “Înainte să ne fi născut”. Its releases consistently occupy first positions in radio charts, and the two albums released so far, “My Gorgeous Drama Queen (2018)” and “My Rhythm & Soul (2020)” have sold thousands of physical copies.

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