OSCE Urges Transparent Investigation into Death of Transnistrian Communist Leader Khorzhan

The OSCE Mission in Moldova has called on the authorities in Tiraspol to “thoroughly investigate this crime and provide transparent information to the public” regarding the death of the leader of the Transnistrian Communists, Oleg Khorzhan. The announcement was made today, July 18, on social media platforms.

“The OSCE Mission in Moldova deeply regrets the passing of Oleg Khorzhan and extends condolences to his family and friends. We urge the authorities in Tiraspol to conduct a thorough investigation into this crime and transparently inform the public about the results of the investigation. If necessary, the Mission is available to facilitate interaction between the parties to advance this investigation,” stated the OSCE.


Oleg Khorzhan, the former leader of the Transnistrian Communists, was found dead on Monday morning, July 17, in his home located in a suburb of the city of Tiraspol.

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