Parliament approved the date for the referendum: when will it be held?

At a session on May 16, Parliament approved the date of the referendum on Moldova’s European integration. It will be on October 20, 2024.

Fifty-five MPs of the Action and Solidarity party supported the bill. Another 20 opposition MPs abstained, while one MP voted against it.

The draft law authors changed the referendum question. Thus, instead of the first question: “Are you in favor of Moldova’s accession to the EU?” people will answer the question: “Do you support the introduction of European integration in the Constitution of Moldova?”. Two answer options will be available on the ballot paper – “Yes” and “No.”


Thus, the presidential election should be on the same day as the republican constitutional referendum on Moldova’s accession to the EU.

Once they approve the document, they will send it to the Central Electoral Commission to initiate the plebiscite procedure outlined in the electoral code.

Earlier, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu said they would incorporate the sovereign decision of the people into the Constitution.

We shall remind you that in mid-April, the Constitutional Court approved a referendum on Moldova’s accession to the European Union.

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