(PHOTO) A pride march in support of LGBTQI+ rights and a counter-protest with holy water in Chisinau

Chisinau hosted the largest Pride March in Moldova’s history, the key event of the Moldova Pride festival. More than 800 people took part in the event. Two counter-protests took place a few hours before and after the march.

The march started at the intersection of Bucureshti and Izmail Streets and ended at the Council of Europe Square on Cogalniceanu Street. This year, the Information Center “GENDERDOC-M,” the traditional organizer of the event, was joined by other LGBTQI+ organizations and activists. There were eight columns of different groups, and more than 20 volunteers kept order.

Among the participants were residents and representatives of international organizations and diplomatic missions, including the embassies of the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the USA, as well as the UN and the Council of Europe. MPs were also present at the event. In addition, a delegation from Romania, representatives of the Eastern European Coalition for Equal Rights LGBTQI+, and a large column of parents of LGBTQI+ children took part in the march.


Despite the scale of the event, the organizers reported no serious incidents. However, the GDM Center reported an attack on two representatives of the Eastern European Coalition for Equal LGBTQI+ Rights.

Hours before the march in support of LGBTQI+, the “Good News” Church staged a protest flash mob.

Participants dressed in disinfector costumes held another counter-protest in the capital. They sprinkled holy water on the streets where LGBTQI+ people were walking.

Within the framework of the festival “Moldova Pride,” there is an annual social campaign with the slogan “From us taxes, from the state the law.” In this way, the LGBTQI+ community demands that the authorities legalize same-sex marriage and recognize the gender identity of transgender people.

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