(PHOTO/VIDEO) Because of the meeting with Putin? Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office to refer to court the case against the head of Gagauzia

The penal case against the head of the Moldovan Gagauz autonomy, Eugenia Gutsul, will be referred to court. This was announced by acting Prosecutor-General Ion Muntean on air on Jurnal TV.

According to the Prosecutor-General, the investigation has collected sufficient evidence that Gutsul was “involved in illegal actions.” What exactly we are talking about, he did not specify.

“Mrs Gutsul appears in the criminal case, which is at the final stage of completion. A decision will be made in a relatively short time. The penal case has been transferred to the court – we are at the stage of submitting the materials for the criminal investigation. From our point of view, there is enough evidence to confirm the involvement of Mrs Gutsul in criminal cases,” said the official.

The statement came after it became known that the governor of Gagauzia held a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


On the evening of March 6, the head of Gagauzia wrote in her Telegram channel that she held a meeting with the Russian president on the margins of the World Youth Festival. According to her, they discussed the allegedly incorrect actions of the Moldovan authorities towards autonomy. The information regarding the meeting was confirmed by the Kremlin press service.

“Vladimir Putin discussed with me the complex regional and geopolitical problems in the epicentre of which our Gagauzia is located. I informed Vladimir Vladimirovich about the lawless actions of the authorities in Moldova, who are taking revenge on us for our civic position and loyalty to national interests,” Gutsul wrote in her Telegram channel.

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