(PHOTO/VIDEO) Tiraspol military helicopter reportedly hit by a kamikaze drone. Moment captured by surveillance cameras

A helicopter on the territory of a paramilitary unit in Tiraspol was destroyed after a drone allegedly crashed into it. The report was first published on March 17 by Telegram channels in the Transnistrian region, and later several Ukrainian and Russian media sources wrote about a possible drone attack.


The case is said to have occurred on Sunday, 17 March this year at 12:09 pm.

“Today, on the territory of one of the military units in Tiraspol, there was a fire following an explosion. It has been established that the explosion occurred due to an attack by a kamikaze drone, the flight of which was recorded from the direction of the Klevernyi Bridge,” local media reports.

There were no casualties.

The so-called Tiraspol authorities are establishing the circumstances in an ongoing criminal trial.

The military object is said to belong to the alleged Ministry of Defence of the Transnistrian region, not the military unit of the Russian Operational Group of troops in the Transnistrian region GOTR. The information was published by Telegram channels in the region and by Russian propagandist Vladimir Soloviov, later the information about a possible drone attack appeared in several Ukrainian media sources.

According to the Security Zone platform, Tiraspol is said to have several helicopters, but they have not been off the ground for more than 10 years.

In the evening, Chisinau’s official reaction came through the Reintegration Policy Office, according to which “the incident in question is an attempt to provoke fear and panic in the region”.

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