(PHOTO) Wreckage of a military drone was found in Moldova: what did the Border Police state?

Border police found fragments of a Shahed-type drone near the Moldovan-Ukrainian border near the village of Etulia, Vulcanesti district. Moldovan border guards said that the place where the drone was found has been cordoned off.

“This information was promptly reported to the competent authorities. Access to the area of the drone’s wreckage has been restricted. There is no risk or danger to the population in the area, and the authorities have taken all necessary measures to maintain public order, peace and security,” the Border Police said.

The agency specified that the drone attack occurred on the night of February 9-10 in the Izmail region of Ukraine, near the border with Moldova.


“There is a suspicion that the discovered wreckage of the drone is one of the drones shot down by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft gun,” the Border Police said.

The drone that crashed in Vulcanesti contains 50 kilograms of explosive substance, Moldovan police say. Law enforcement officers have ensured the disarming of the dangerous object and the collection of all parts.

“In the coming hours, they will ensure safe detonation of the detected explosive charge. Please note that from the moment of detection of these fragments until the completion of the investigation on the spot, the entire perimeter has been secured and public safety ensured,” National Police reports.

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