PM Recean invites to the European Assembly and threatens the “criminals”

During the opening session of the government, Prime Minister Dorin Recean invited Moldovan citizens to attend the National Assembly for European Moldova, which will be held on May 21st. The event was called by President Maia Sandu and will take place before the European Political Community Summit, scheduled for June 1st in Chișinău.

In his speech, Recean also spoke out against the “criminals” responsible for the hybrid attacks, stating that they are trying to create the impression that Moldovans support the war in Ukraine. He emphasized that Moldova is a peaceful nation and will not allow these criminals to disrupt its efforts toward a European future.

“Despite the attacks, we are a peaceful people who know what we want and how to act, including against them. We want peace, and we are a people who know how to work and build Europe at home. I want everyone to have this orientation,” said the Prime Minister.


The National Assembly for European Moldova is expected to bring together citizens, politicians, and civil society representatives to discuss Moldova’s path toward a European future. While some political parties have accepted the invitation and plan to attend, others have announced that they will hold protests in PMAN against the government. The Party of Socialists accused Sandu of using administrative resources to promote the event, while the Party of Shor plans to call on supporters to demonstrate their desire for friendship with both the West and Russia.

The positive response from citizens to the National Assembly is seen as a reflection of Moldova’s desire to strengthen its relationship with the European Union and promote democracy and human rights in the country.

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