Poland donated a huge batch of medical equipment to Moldova

The Republic of Poland provided medical equipment to the „Mamei și a Copilului” Institute from Chisinau (IMC). The aid was delivered through the Civil Protection Mechanism
Civil of the European Union. The equipment, vital for people’s health, will help the medical system in the Republic of Moldova meet the needs of the people, including refugees from Ukraine.

They participated in the event of the official handing over of the equipment the ambassador of Poland in the Republic of Moldova, Tomasz Kobzdej, Sergiu Gladun, the IMC director, members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the staff medical.

The total value of the donation, offered through Polish Aid, is 420 thousand euros and includes: 30 infusion pumps, 50 syringe pumps, 2 ultrasound machines, 5 electrocardiographs, 2 lung ventilators, 10 heart rate monitors, 5 medical beds, 4 operating tables and 5 defibrillators.


The medical equipment, offered in the spirit of Team Europe, comes to strengthen the country’s resistance and help the citizens of the Republic of Moldova to feel more at home safety in their country.

The Team Europe initiative was born out of the conditions created in 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic as a European response united to the major challenges and needs arising in the partner countries. Team Europe combines the collective development resources of the EU, Member States and implementing agencies.

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