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Today, Thursday, April 6th, the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, paid an official visit to the Republic of Moldova. He had meetings with Moldovan high-ranking officials including President Maia Sandu and his counterpart, Dorin Recean.

The main topics of the discussions were the war in Ukraine and the support for the Republic of Moldova, given in the context of the security crisis. Also, bilateral cooperation in the field of economic and financial projects was discussed.

“Poland is a firm supporter of our country in the EU. The bilateral agenda will be addressed, with an emphasis on boosting commercial-economic ties. (…) Ahead of this visit, a Moldovan-Polish business forum will take place”, announced Daniel Vodă before the Polish PM came to Moldova.

The meeting with Dorin Recean

During the meeting between Prime Minister Dorin Recean and his counterpart from Warsaw, Mateusz Morawiecki has been discussed the economic relations between the Republic of Moldova and Poland. During the joint press conference, Recean assured that Moldova would offer a competitive environment for international companies, including LOT, the main airline in Poland, to grow their businesses and provide opportunities for both Moldovan and Polish. Also, Recean announced a joint Moldovan-Polish project to reconstruct the railway line.

“I want to thank the LOT company for agreeing to expand its operations in the Republic of Moldova. We will have an even greater increase in the frequency of flights from Chisinau and the diversification of destinations. […] This is also important for south-west Ukraine,” said Recean.

“At the Moldovan-Polish forum, memorandums of collaboration were signed in the field of railway reconstruction and the expansion of logistics chains, but also in the field of renewable energy”, added him.

The Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, announced, for his part, a donation of 20 generators for the Republic of Moldova.

“Our help is on several levels, yesterday I spoke with the minister of the MAI, who offers support through equipment and training. We have the experience of supporting several European countries. Today I decided to send 20 power generators to support hospitals and other institutions,” said Mateusz Morawiecki.

The two officials signed a joint declaration regarding bilateral relations, which paves the way for closer economic ties between Moldova and Poland.

Moldova’s EU membership

“We must do everything possible for Moldova to become part of the EU.” This message was also part of the speech of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, during the joint press conference with Dorin Recean.

The official said that Europeans understand the threats Moldova is facing in the context of the war in Ukraine. Morawiecki also showed appreciation for the country’s effort to live peacefully.

“We understand the threats of war. Both countries are in the shadow of war. The efforts of the Moldovans who are trying to live peacefully with their neighbors and to become part of the European family in an institutionalized way, that is, to become part of the EU, must be appreciated. (…) The accelerated path is possible. I can say even more, or there will be an accelerated path, or the negotiations will be stopped for years,” said the Prime Minister of Poland.

The official from Warsaw also said that both his people and those of the Republic of Moldova are trying to help Ukraine after the Russian invasion. This fact, in his opinion, brings our countries closer.

The meeting with Maia Sandu

During the meeting between President Maia Sandu and the Polish Prime Minister, which took place as part of the delegations, Moldova’s cooperation with NATO and the war in Ukraine were discussed. Cooperation in the field of digitalization of the economy was also on the agenda.

Morawiecki on a potential Russian attack on Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is independent and the collaborations it has, including in the field of Defense, depend only on it. This is how the Polish Prime Minister answered, being asked if Warsaw can help us strengthen our army.

Mateusz Morawiecki believes that escalations in our country will not take place. At the same time, in his opinion, every day of the war in Ukraine brings us closer to increased security in the future.

“Today Ukraine is fighting so that no other country is attacked. We start with hybrid attacks and cyber attacks. I didn’t talk about conventional attacks. I hope and believe that they will not take place. (…) I think that every day of war brings the Republic of Moldova closer to increased security in the future”, says Morawiecki.


The official from Warsaw pointed out that the hybrid war is a tool of destruction used by Russia. According to him, Poland is open to collaborating with Moldova, but we decide in which areas.

“Hybrid warfare is not just a phrase. It is an instrument of battle and destruction. It is the weapon used every day by Russia. We are open to any collaboration proposals. The Republic of Moldova is a sovereign, independent state and the purpose of the collaboration must depend on the Republic of Moldova”, concluded the official.

Asked about possible security guarantees granted by NATO, Morawiecki stated that such matters must be established between the allies and Chisinau.

Initially, information appeared in the public space about the visit of the Prime Minister of Poland on April 5th, mentioning that he was going to participate in the Moldovan-Polish investment forum. The government, however, specified on Tuesday that the official meetings would take place on April 6th.

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