Politico: The EC will recommend the opening of accession negotiations with the Moldova and Ukraine

The European Commission will recommend, in the report, it will publish on November 8, the start of accession negotiations with the EU for the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. This information was published by Politico, citing high-ranking sources such as officials and diplomats from the European Union.

“In that document (the report to be published on November 8), EU officials and diplomats say, Brussels will recommend the opening of accession negotiations with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, conditioned by ‘technical’ warnings in which the countries must make further progress, from building a strong and independent judiciary to protecting minority rights and implementing anti-corruption measures,” as stated in the article published by Politico.

The publication also quotes the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, who stated, “There can be no shortcuts for any country wishing to become a member of the EU.”


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