PORT MALL Official Launch Announced for October 21. First Details About the Private Party

In a groundbreaking move, the highly-anticipated PORT MALL, set to redefine shopping and entertainment standards, will officially open its doors on Saturday, October 21st, at 10:00 AM. Partner brands and stores have prepared a series of special offers and exclusive promotions for customers. Irresistible discounts, promotional packages, and attractive surprises will be available across all product categories, promising visitors a unique and advantageous shopping experience.

With an impressive commercial area spanning 32,000 square meters, PORT MALL is poised to become the new epicenter of modern lifestyle. It will offer a diverse range of top brands and luxury services, setting new standards for retail and leisure in the region.


Natalia Prodan, PR Manager for PORT MALL, emphasized the significance and pride associated with the project during an interview. She highlighted the multifunctionality of the space, surpassing the traditional concept of a mall. Her focus is on providing a complete and innovative experience to transform the way people perceive shopping and entertainment.

Free Transportation for Visitors
Regarding transportation, Natalia Prodan underlined that PORT MALL boasts a spacious parking area for up to 1,000 cars and has invested in a modern fleet of buses specially procured to ensure a comfortable and accessible journey for all visitors. Transport will be free and will depart from several sectors of the capital.

“There will be several buses bringing people here to PORT MALL comfortably every day from multiple sectors of the capital – Poșta Veche, Râșcani, Ciocana. Buses will run every half an hour.”

A Unique Project in Moldova
To provide a more detailed look at the offered facilities, PORT MALL showcases an impressive style zone covering over 15,000 square meters featuring top brands. Notable amenities include a supermarket, a hyper pharmacy, a pet store, dry cleaning, a bank, and a beauty zone, thus ensuring a wide variety of services tailored to diverse customer needs.

In the entertainment area, Natalia Prodan mentioned that “PORT MALL has been designed to offer a comprehensive experience, perfectly combining high-quality entertainment with comfort. With its 4 cinema halls, amusement park, and a diverse Food Court, we aim to create memorable moments and unforgettable experiences for the whole family.”

Over 1,500 Jobs
PORT MALL is committed to providing over 1,500 job opportunities, creating valuable prospects for the local community. Natalia Prodan stated, “We are very proud to stand by our citizens and offer them the opportunity to work at home, alongside their families, without the need to go abroad.”

To add a touch of excellence to the launch event, PORT MALL is organizing an exclusive private party before the public opening, offering a sneak peek to business partners, friends, and the press. Tickets for the artist have been purchased, and the symphony orchestra is ready to welcome the mystery superstar.

With an elegant design concept and top-notch services, PORT MALL is committed to creating a memorable experience for all visitors.

Natalia Prodan provided more details about the PORT MALL launch in an exclusive interview. We invite you to watch the video for further insights.

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