Power producers can export electricity

ANRE decided in today’s meeting that energy producers can export electricity.

“By ANRE’s attributions, the institution contributes to the state’s energy security. In the conditions in which the state of alert was established by the Government and in the conditions in which a deficit of electricity was recorded for consumers in the Republic of Moldova, it was necessary to undertake all possible measures to ensure that all energy that is produced locally is supplied to consumers in the interior”, explained the head of the section from ANRE, Ștefan Seracuta.

The export of electricity from the Republic of Moldova was prohibited during the state of alert on the electricity market starting from October 15. In this regard, the Board of Directors of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) took a decision.


Thus, the local producers of electricity produced from renewable sources that did not benefit from the support scheme, following the ban on the export of electricity, will address ÎCS Premier Energy SRL and SA FEE Nord to conclude contracts for the purchase of electricity. These contracts will be negotiated and signed within two business days.

The purchase price of these contracts was not supposed to exceed the lowest price of electricity indicated in the contract that ÎCS Premier Energy SRL and SA FEE Nord have with SA Energocom in the context of the public service obligation to purchase electricity.

At the same time, ÎS Moldelectrica was obliged not to validate the physical notifications of the participants in the electricity market from the Republic of Moldova regarding the declared export of electricity, taking into account the state of alert on the electricity market.

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