Igor Grosu: The Audiovisual Council could monitor the online space, as we increase their salaries!

The Audiovisual Council or a newly created entity will monitor the online space of the Republic of Moldova. The President of the Parliament says that in the context of the aggressive propaganda coming from the East, protecting the virtual space from fakes is an urgent necessity. During the “Rezoomat” show on RliveTV, Igor Grosu mentioned that for their additional work, the employees of the Audiovisual Council will have their salaries increased.

“The televisions whose license was revoked have two great sins, they belong to a bandit and broadcast propaganda from the East, local propaganda, but also propaganda from the Kremlin. We can’t get past that. But online monitoring is a ubiquitous topic in all countries. In the European Union, the European Commission has officially required Tik-Tok to comply with the EU directive on the content it posts. They have until the end of this year to bring all their policies in line with the EU directive”, said Igor Grosu.


The President of the Parliament says that monitoring the online space is becoming a priority for the current government, as this element is part of national security. According to the dignitary, most likely, the Audiovisual Council will be the entity that will obtain the prerogative to regulate the online space.

“The Audiovisual Council monitors the televisions. They say, and I believe them, that they don’t have enough capabilities to monitor this virtual space as well. Either a new institution appears that deals directly with the monitoring of this space, or we train the Audiovisual Council. That’s why we had to increase the salaries at the Audiovisual Council, but also at the CEC, if you want these dedicated people to monitor your information space, because the information space is part of state security. If you don’t guard your space from lies and propaganda, you end up with serious surprises. Last year, 30% of the citizens believed that there is a special operation in Ukraine and this is the product of propaganda”, pointed out the President of the Parliament.

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